Making the appointment
You can book your first appointment by telephoning our reception team on 01323745970. We are open from 8.30 am – 8.30pm Monday to Thursday and till 5pm to Friday. We are also open on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

The reception team can advise you on which practitioner may best suit your needs depending on your problem. You can also email us to request an appointment and we are happy to call you back if needed. The team will need to ask you for some basic information and tell you about payments and what we need if using a medical insurance company. Most importantly they will help with how to find us.

Where to come to
The clinic is located on the Eastbourne campus of the University of Brighton in The Welkin Building off Carlisle Road in the Meads area of Eastbourne. The entrance is from Carlisle Road, through a gated entrance and up a one-way road through the campus. Follow the road up and round to the right. The Sportswise building, signage and entrance will be visible as you go around the corner. Exit by continuing on the one-way road through the campus and back down to Carlisle Road.

There is some parking, including disabled parking bays, at the clinic but you will need to display a parking permit, available free from reception, as there are parking restrictions in place on the campus.

You can also find further information on the University web site.

What to wear
The practitioner will need to examine the area of the body concerned but also may require to examine other areas e.g. pain in the leg may be referred from the back. You should wear clothing you will feel most comfortable in. The examination will generally involve being asked to do various movements and then a manual assessment, which will involve some movement of joints and testing of the strength of muscles. We can provide shorts or a disposable gown. Please just ask.

What to expect
Firstly, a warm and friendly welcome: all our clients are important to us.

On your first visit you will need to complete some registration documents and a health questionnaire. Please remember to bring a list of your medications as these can be important.

You will be shown through to see your practitioner in a private consulting room. It is no problem if you would like to have a friend or family member with you for the consultation. The practitioner will ask you questions about your problem in some detail to fully understand how it is affecting you but they will also ask about your work, sport and activities as well as your past medical history. You will receive a thorough physical examination, which may involve removing some clothing to properly assess the problem (see ‘what to wear’ above).

We will explain the probable diagnosis of your problem and discuss the proposed treatment plan. It may be that further investigations are recommended. Diagnostic ultrasound is available at Sportswise for most soft tissue injuries using the latest equipment. We can also refer to a number of other providers for x-rays, MRI scans or CT scans.

Your first appointment will last 45 minutes so depending on the complexity and number of problems there will usually be time to start treatment and also give you some ‘homework’ exercises.