Vicky Barton – a special marathon story

In the run up to the 2017 London Marathon we share a special story from the 2016 Marathon – from Vicky Barton. ‘I was so excited to be offered a place to run the London Marathon 2016 for the ‘Lullaby Trust’ in memory of my son William who died in 1981 aged three months. The ‘Lullaby […]

Brighton Marathon Project update

Over the past month Polly Baker, Alan Richardson, Todd Leckie, Emily Watkins and a team of twenty BSc and MSc students have been busy testing 165 Brighton Marathon runners in the labs, at the marathon exhibition and immediately after the race. Two weeks before the marathon, running economy and VO2max tests were completed on fifty […]

Eating advice

If you feel you may have over-indulged this Easter we have some words of wisdom from Sportswise dietitian, Lesley Houston. Best of all her sound advice applies to eating all year round. Lesley says ‘it is better not to dwell on what or how much you may have eaten but instead to accept this and aim […]

Marathon stories

We often receive lovely messages from Sportswise patients who have taken part in all manner of activities and events after receiving treatment from our clinicians and want to share their achievements, be it for a particular time or distance, or simply that they managed to take part at all, sometimes raising money for important causes […]

Diagnostic Ultrasound Lecture

Sportswise was proud to host an evening lecture for the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and Sports and Exercise Medicine south-east region here at the clinic. Prof Nick Webborn and Dr Polly Baker gave a lecture on  ‘the role of ultrasound guided procedures in managing common conditions in physiotherapy practice’.  This was followed by a practical […]