Afghanistan Marathon

  • 2nd December 2016
  • Patient news
  • Stephanie Anderson


We love to celebrate and share the achievements of Sportswise clients if they are happy for us to do so and we were thrilled to hear about Vicky Burford’s recent challenge. Vicky travelled all the way to Bamiyan in Afghanistan to take part in the second Marathon of Afghanistan – the only mixed gender sporting event in the country and one in which fees paid by the international runners enable Afghan runners to take part.

She told us about the event:  ‘The marathon was organised and sponsored by a company called Untamed Borders and we were also joined by a group of girls who were supported by a company called Free to Run. We climbed a total of 400 metres at an altitude of approximately 3000m, so it was pretty challenging at times. 265 people took part in the marathon and the associated 10k and to my surprise I managed to come 4th overall and 1st female and now hold the female record for the course.’ Vicky, a patient of Sportswise physio Paul Aston, said ‘I am pretty sure that the acupuncture he gave me every fortnight in the run-up to the marathon helped!’

Vicky set herself the additional target of raising £2000 for Cancer Research and Project 150 – her fundraising page can be found at:

Vicky Burford

Vicky Burford


Stephanie Anderson