Back pain talk

We held another successful patient talk last month on the topic of back pain. Sportswise consultant, Dr Siva, gave an interesting presentation on why we might get back pain, and what might help us if we do. He also provided us with some startling statistics on back pain. For instance did you know that:

  • Every year in the UK, 1 in 3 people will have back pain
  • 20% of those people with back pain see a doctor
  • Worldwide, at any one time, about 540 million people will have back pain

Physiotherapist, Gabriella Regan. then followed up with an interactive element of simple exercises we can all do to help alleviate the pain. We had fantastic feedback from all who attended and we hopeto host another talk on a different subject later on this year.

Dr Siva presenting at back pain talk

Dr Siva presenting at back pain talk

Gaby's exercise demonstration

Gaby’s exercise demonstration