Beachy Head Marathon

Luke Carter, Sportswise physio, added to his tally of marathons with this month’s Beachy Head Marathon. We asked him how it went:

‘The end of October can mean only one thing for most local trail runners – The Beachy Head Marathon.  This was my fifth ‘Beachy’ and it didn’t disappoint. Though overcast, the weather was cool and dry – perfect for the marathon.  I spoke briefly with a group of runners who had travelled from Norway specifically for the race – such is its standing and popularity.  It was nice to see many Sportswise patients on the start line too.

Once underway there was time for a quick wave to my family before climbing the first of many hills.  However, the day really flew by and at seventeen miles I almost ran straight past Sportswise’s Claire who was marshalling.  I have so much admiration for those who give up their time to marshal and try to thank as many as I can.

The marathon brings out many spectators too and I have to give special mention to the crowd at Birling Gap whose cheers really lift you after just crossing the seven sisters.  It was a great day that became even memorable for me personally as looking at my watch on the final descent I realised I was about to set a new PB! It’s an iconic event and already pencilled into my running calendar for next year. ‘

Luke at Beachy Head Marathon

Luke at Beachy Head Marathon