Eating advice

If you feel you may have over-indulged this Easter we have some words of wisdom from Sportswise dietitian, Lesley Houston. Best of all her sound advice applies to eating all year round. Lesley says ‘it is better not to dwell on what or how much you may have eaten but instead to accept this and aim to make changes to your diet from today. It is important to be aware of portion sizes as too much or too little of any type of food can increase our risk of health problems. (You might be interested to know that a portion size of chocolate would be roughly equivalent to a piece the size of your index finger!)

Paying attention to how we eat (often called “mindful eating”) and opting to choose smaller plates and servings of food is important to avoid unintentionally eating much more than we need.
Tips to control portion size:

  • Read food labels – how many servings are in the pack.
  • Repackage supersize bags – large or sharing bags may be better value for money but encourage over eating. Check the portion size and decant into smaller bags.
  • Slow down when eating – enjoy the taste, smell and texture of the food.
  • Stop eating when you are full – don’t continue eating so you can have a clean plate
  • Eating out – try sharing a meal – this may be more the appropriate amount
  • Use a smaller plate – serve your meal on a smaller plate – your plate will look full but you will be eating a smaller amount.

For further guidance on portion sizes, weight loss or ways to eat healthier contact Sportswise for an appointment with Lesley.