Exercise and treatment advice from Stuart

The main things I talk to my patients about are stretching, posture, keeping hydrated and regular massage maintenance. Warming up and stretching before exercise allows increased blood flow into the muscles, preparing them for exercise so that the risk of injury is reduced. Warming down and stretching is just as key. This allows the muscles to return to their original length, increased blood flow to flush out any toxins and also to reduce any stiffness and soreness in the muscles in the upcoming days.

Many people these days have computers and / or work at a desk, which can have a negative effect on postures. When a posture changes, it creates muscle imbalances which can lead to very tight muscles, soreness and even headaches. Massage helps to loosen the muscles, realign muscle fibres and set about rectifying the posture. This can only be done with continued effort from the person by doing some gentle exercises at home to maintain the correct posture.

Drinking water is very important, even more so when exercising. When exercising it is important to be hydrated before you start exercise and maintaining a “little and often” approach when drinking. If its left until you are thirsty before you start drinking, then you are probably already dehydrated. Drinking often reduces the chance to become dehydrated, furthermore introducing electrolytes as well replaces the minerals you lose when exercising.