Frozen shoulder suffering

Philip Walters

Philip Walters shown above on the right

We are always pleased to hear about a patients progress after they receive treatment or following a procedure. Philip Walters injured his shoulder in May of last year after falling off a ladder and developed a frozen shoulder.  His physio suggsted he saw Sportswise consultant, Dr Polly Baker, to discuss the possibility of an injection.  Dr Baker was able to offer him an ultrasound guided hydrodistension injection  for his shoulder.  In frozen shoulder the capsule of the joint becomes tight around the joint restricting movement and causing pain – a bit like shrink-wrapped cling film.
This hydrodistension injection is not widely available but a technique offered at Sportswise. After inserting a needle into the joint under ultrasound guidance, fluid is injected to distend the tight capsule from the inside to restore movement.  Philip states ‘I had great confidence in having this procedure done by Dr Baker and Professor Webborn.  There was some initial discomfort with the injections, but I received good explanations and warnings from the team whilst it was being done.’
Philip regards this procedure as a success, and says he started to feel the benefits of it almost straight away. After a couple of sessions of physiotherapy with Luke post-procedure, he started to get back to ‘normal life’ and importantly back to his martial arts, where he has trained for over 40 years in Shotokan Karate and holds a grade of 4th Dan Black Belt. He also trains in Kobudo, where he holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt, and in a Philippines Martial Art called Arnis.
If you are struggling with a frozen shoulder then this technique may be suitable for you. Why not make an appointment with the doctor to discuss if it could help you?