Hills and obstacles no match for Karen

Karen Ticehurst

Well done to Karen Ticehurst on her achievement at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC) in Oregon, Ohio on 17th October 2015. Despite much colder than expected conditions, and many not finishing due to hypothermia, Karen tackled the ‘crazy hills and fifty three huge obstacles’ to come 23rd out of 71 for her age and 110th female out of 400.

‘Definitely the toughest thing I’ve ever done!’ was Karen’s verdict. Speaking of her treatment at Sportswise Karen said, ‘My physio (Paul) not only treated my knee issues but also helped me to understand why these issues were arising and provided me with strengthening exercises, stretches, and a foam roller plan so that I could maintain this huge improvement. I managed the whole World Championship course with no knee pain even though the hills were like nothing I’d experienced before in steepness and number!! Thanks Paul.’

Karen followed this success in November when she came 12th in the UK Championship.