Maryke at the Commonwealth Games

Maryke Louw had a great experience working at the Commonwealth Games recently. We asked her to tell us how it went.

“I was stationed at the Barry Buddon Shooting Range near Carnoustie. We rotated between positions which was nice because it gave you the opportunity to work as a Field of Play Physio but also to treat athletes in the Venue Medical Room.

I loved being the Field of Play Physio. You got to sit right behind the athletes and watch the action close up. You are supposed to be the first response team in case an athlete is injured, but with shooting being the active sport it is, we just got to sit and watch the sport!

Working in the evening clinics was a different matter. You had athletes booked every half an hour. This was great because you had the opportunity to chat to the athletes and find out about their training and what they do in their normal lives.

Athletes mostly wanted help with neck and shoulder issues and back pain. It was all related to them maintaining the same posture for hours on end while training.

My overall impression of the games? I have never seen so many friendly, happy faces in one place. Scotland really pulled it off!”