Maryke in Ethiopia

Ethiopian scene - Eucalyptus forest

Ethiopian scene – Eucalyptus forest

In the August newsletter we told you about the visit of Olympic Champion Kenenisa Bekele, who came to the Sportswise clinic for two weeks of treatment and rehabilitation. To follow up on his visit, and to oversee his programme, Physiotherapist Maryke Louw has travelled to Addis Ababa.  Overseeing rehabilitation is a familiar role for Maryke but this is a different experience for her, both in terms of the setting but also because while in Ethiopia she is devoting all her efforts towards one athlete.

Maryke told us that the rehab programme set by the Sub2hrs team usually includes a running session in the morning with afternoons given over to cross-training in the gym, followed by core and strength work and hands on treatment.

About her experience so far Maryke said: “The Ethiopians like to play with their terrain as well as altitude during training and Kenenisa’s favourite place for easy runs is in a Eucalyptus forest, Sululta, situated 2500m above sea level so while Kenenisa runs I do a pathetic little jog while trying to breathe this thin air!

The people here are extremely proud of their country and get really annoyed by the fact that most Westerners only associate their country with drought and hungry people. I was lucky enough to be in Ethiopia for their New Year’s celebrations on September 11, which signals the end of the rainy season. They follow the Gregorian Calender and it is now 2008 here (that means I am 29 again)! “