Maryke’s Edinburgh Marathon

Maryke's Edinburgh Marathon

Maryke with partner Nick and their respective medals.

Sportswise Physio Maryke Louw entered the Edinburgh marathon with her boyfriend Nick a year ago with the plan to see if they could run it in under four hours. Maryke shows us that even if things don’t go as expected it can still be a positive experience.

‘Thanks to injury and contracting every cold on offer during the winter, the training unfortunately did not go to plan. So we adjusted our goals to just enjoying it and finishing in one piece! All went well until just after half way when our legs started paying the price for not doing enough long runs, but a shuffle/walk/jog approach managed to get us to the finish.

If I If I had to score the marathon I would give it 5 out of 5 for scenery.  The difficulty?  It was actually very easy – you start in Edinburgh and run downhill for six miles to the coast. From there it runs all along the coast with only the slightest of inclines.  As for the general experience – the crowd was very supportive and the marathon is very well organised. If I had to find one criticism it would be that you had to walk 2km to get to the buses at the end!  My poor legs were not in the mood for that after doing 26 miles.’