Meet Jo Aston

Meet Jo Aston, the newest addition to our Physio team in this informal Q & A

What took you from physiology to physiotherapy?
I loved my first degree, but especially the clinical side. I wanted a career that involved working with people in a medical and practical capacity as well as offering the opportunity for travel – physio seemed to fit the bill.

Which aspects of physiotherapy interest you especially?
I really enjoy all aspects of my job but have a special interest in Clinical Pilates and using it in the rehabilitation of injuries and lower back pain. I recently qualified as an APPI Pilates Instructor and run both 1:1 sessions and some group classes. Feel free to contact me for information.

What are your sporting interests?
I am a keen runner and mountain biker, completing a number of adventure races over the years. My Pilates is also something I love to do throughout the week. Any spare time I have I love to horse ride, ski and windsurf!

What attracted you to Eastbourne and working at Sportswise?
After seven fun years in London, my husband and I decided we wanted to head back to the coast. We have a young son and the beach is the perfect place to spend time. Sportswise is a great clinic with a great team and I am pleased to be working where we all focus together on getting our patients better, and back to what they love doing.

What do you like doing when you are not working?
Anything that involves spending time on the beach or exploring the local area. Our two-year-old keeps us busy but there is never a shortage of fun things to do here! Any time to myself I love to read and cook and I love to travel when the opportunity presents itself.