Polly presents at Brighton Marathon conference

  • 26th April 2018
  • Staff news
  • Stephanie Anderson

Dr Polly Baker presented at this years Brighton Marathon conference.  This conference occurs annually the day before the marathon and is aimed at informing and educated those healthcare professionals about the latest evidence and news related to marathon and sports medicine.  Polly presented her research findings from the 2017 Brighton Marathon Heart study investigating the troponin elevation seen after exercise.

Troponin is a heart protein seen in large quantities in the blood following a heart attack and has also been seen following prolonged and/or strenuous exercise.  The significance of this rise in troponin is uncertain and in order to explore this further the 2017 Brighton Marathon Heart Study investigated factors predisposing to a troponin rise following the marathon and also the trend of troponin levels over time.  Intensity of exercise was shown to directly correlate with the degree of rise of this protein and over 24 hours levels were shown to peak and then fall.  This trend of troponin levels is in contrast to that seen in a heart attack and is thus thought to be non sinister in nature.  Although this research has answered many questions and informed doctors on how to manage those completing exercise with a suspected heart attack it has also raised more to answer!  A further project is currently in the planning stages so watch this space for more information…

Polly Baker

Polly Baker

Stephanie Anderson