This treatment is primarily aimed at people who are involved in sport or regular exercise.  It’s very good for treating sports injuries, as well as acting as a preventative measure, and can improve posture and flexibility.  It will also enable you to improve performance and stamina.  The techniques used within the treatment can address problems such as overtraining and muscle imbalance as well as other stresses placed on the body through physical activity.  Recovery times are reduced, particularly post exercise, when this treatment is performed.

Regular massage can be very important to sports people and non sports specific people. It will maintain flexibility, improve posture and blood flow as well as a feeling of wellness. It can be used to prevent injuries from over training and can significantly reduce recovery times.

Deep Tissue Massage
This is a great treatment for dealing with the rigours of life.  Having a deep tissue massage helps improve your circulation, relax your muscles, reduce tension and tightness, and psychologically make you feel relaxed. The massage itself works at a deeper level, realigning muscle fibres and connective tissue.  Neck, shoulder and back tightness can often be attributed to poor posture and deep tissue massage can help restore balance.

Relaxation Massage
The emphasis with this treatment is to have a soothing effect on your muscles, making you feel relaxed. The massage itself requires softer strokes, but the benefits still include improving circulation, stimulating the skin and nervous system to promote health and well-being.

Many people these days have computers and / or work at a desk, which can have a negative effect on postures. When a posture changes, it creates muscle imbalances which can lead to very tight muscles, soreness and even headaches. Massage helps to loosen the muscles, realign muscle fibres and set about rectifying the posture. This can only be done with continued effort from the person by doing some gentle exercises at home to maintain the correct posture.