Sportswise Step Challenge

  • 6th December 2018
  • Staff news
  • Stephanie Anderson

We all know walking is good for us, and a short walk goes a long way! That’s why 12 members of the Sportswise team decided to take part in the first Sportswise Step Challenge.

Competing in 3 teams drawn randomly, each team member recorded daily how many steps (or wheelchair pushes!) they took over the day using a pedometer or activity tracker. At the end of the 2-week period we worked out which team had taken the most steps to become the Sportswise Step Challenge champions. The winning team were Going the Distance with a fantastic total of 1,026,094 steps. As a whole team we walked 1372 miles over the 2 weeks which is the equivalent of Eastbourne to Finland! Special mention must go out to Glenda on the winning team, who was crowned the Stepping Queen. Glenda averaged 24,000 steps a day with her best result being over 43,000!

Maryke in the rain

Maryke in the rain

There are lots of benefits in walking for your health. A physically active workforce takes 27% fewer sick days. Active people live longer and healthier lives and being active can:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease by half
  • Lower the risk of strokes
  • Reduce the risk of some cancers, particularly colon and breast cancer
  • Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and can help to control diabetes
  • Improve mood and reduces the risk of depression
  • Manage weight and reduce blood pressure

Challenge organiser, Zoe Philipson, said it was interesting looking at the results each day. Every team member was different. Some live locally and walk regularly, whilst others live further away and rely heavily on the use of a car or public transport in their daily routine. There were differences in family life, hobbies and health factors that all accounted in the differences of daily steps taken. However, each and every team member did an amazing job and said it made them think about their daily activity levels.

We’ve all heard it before about how making little changes to our routine make a lot of difference, but undertaking a challenge like this has shown how true this really is. Parking the car a little further away from work, taking a walk in your lunch break, or even having a walking meeting all helped us in ‘stepping up’ a gear!

This was a great workplace challenge. Why not try to implement something similar in your workplace, or amongst a group of friends or family? If you do, let us know how you get on.

Family walk

Family walk

Stephanie Anderson