Vicky Barton – a special marathon story

In the run up to the 2017 London Marathon we share a special story from the 2016 Marathon – from Vicky Barton.

Vicky Barton with her London Marathon medal.

Vicky Barton with her London Marathon medal.

‘I was so excited to be offered a place to run the London Marathon 2016 for the ‘Lullaby Trust’ in memory of my son William who died in 1981 aged three months. The ‘Lullaby Trust’ supports bereaved parents and undertakes research into ‘cot death’.

Training went well and at the beginning of March I completed a 20 mile run, planning to complete 24 miles at the beginning of April to give me the confidence to believe I could manage the 26.2 miles. Imagine my horror when on March 8th I could hardly walk with pain in my hip and lower back, this got worse not better with rest and stretching.

Thankfully, to my rescue came Maryke and Sportswise who, after telling me I should always warm up before having a running race with my 5 year old grandson, assured me that if I did all that she asked I would be able to walk the route on the day, even though I only had 5 weeks to get fit enough. I had a couple of setbacks but Maryke was always there to reassure and encourage me, and stick needles in my butt!

On April 24th I completed the Marathon in just under 7 hours. I got my medal and the roads were still closed until after I finished, which was a bonus. On top of that I have raised over £2,000 for the charity.’