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Dr Ese Stacey


Dr Stacey is a consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine and specialises in all acute and chronic muscle and joint tendon conditions. She completed her Masters in Sports Medicine at the Academic Department of Sport and Exercise Medicine in London under Prof Nick in 1997, and also worked there as a Senior Clinical Lecturer and was one of the earliest members of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Ese is trained in musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound, receiving a Distinction from Bournemouth University, and is also a trainer for MSK ultrasound. She offers joint injections where necessary for acute and chronic disorders including arthritis, as well as using shockwave therapy for muscle and joint conditions.

Ese enjoys all sport and tries her hand now and then at triathlon. Having been frequently and chronically injured as a sports woman (heptathlon and rugby), she has an interest in how important movement control is for the prevention and treatment of chronic knee, hip, groin and back pain. She also has an interest in how gut dysbiosis (imbalance between good and bad gut microorganisms) and environmental toxins (such as heavy metals, chemicals and moulds) have an impact on our joints, tendons and general well-being and performance.

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