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Injury, Illness and Concussion

Nick Webborn has recently been involved in the publication of two world leading international collaborative documents in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

One paper relates to the formation of an international group formed to address the topical issue of concussion in sport and how it relates to Paralympic athletes and sports. It sets out the challenges in applying current assessment tools used in other sports and how they might be adapted, and also the future work required. The second paper sets the international standard for recording injuries and illnesses in Para athletes.

Nick started the first ever injury survey at a Paralympic Games in Salt Lake in 2002 and this has evolved over the last 19 years and the paper sets out the methodology for future researchers to collect, interpret and report data. In doing so it will improve healthcare of Para athletes and help develop more effective prevention strategies. Both are landmark papers in the field and testament to Nick’s long involvement in Paralympic sport.

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