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Sportswise Ltd • The Welkin Building • University of Brighton • Carlisle Road • Eastbourne • East Sussex • BN20 7SN

Telephone: 01323 745970 • Fax: 01323 745971 • E-Mail: reception@sportswise.org.uk

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Address: The Welkin Building, Carlisle Road, University of Brighton,

Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 7SN

Telephone: 01323 745970 • Fax: 01323 745971 • E-Mail: reception@sportswise.org.uk

How to Find Sportswise:

Directions by Car

The Entrance is from Carlisle Road through gated entrance in wall into one-way road through campus. Follow road up and round to right. The new building and entrance will be visible as you go around the corner. Exit by continuing on one-way road through campus and back down to Carlisle Road.

Parking: Limited car parking (including disabled bay) may be available by clinic. PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE PARKING RESTRICTIONS IN PLACE. If you are unsure where to park please ask at reception. Parking permits are available from our receptionists.

Directions by Rail

The railway station is situated in the centre of Eastbourne. It is about a fifteen minute walk from the station up Grove Road to the top then turning right on Meads Road and finally on to Upper Carlisle Road where you should look out for the Sportswise sign at the entrance to the University of Brighton Welkin Building. Taxis are readily available from the station or a number 3 or 3A bus will take you from the bus lane near the station in the town centre, stopping close to the entrance to Sportswise.

Driveway leading to Sportswise

Sportswise Exterior

If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions please contact the administration team.
01323 745970 • E-Mail: reception@sportswise.org.uk