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How do Online Video Appointments work at Sportswise?


Have you ever wondered how online Physio, Dietician or Doctor's appointments can work for you and your problem? In this blog I will describe how it works, why it’s a great option for an appointment and what you can expect.



Online appointments allow you to contact us from anywhere you have Internet access, and in this current climate is perfect for gaining treatment and advice whilst socially distancing. 

How does it work, don’t you have to touch me?

For most conditions and problems we see at Sportswise empowering you to understand what is going on, what to expect, and what you can do about it is the best possible treatment. The current research base shows listening to someone and taking a thorough history and treating through exercises and advice is the most effective way to manage many conditions.

We can provide this treatment effectively over a video call and this is how we do it…..

1.  We take a thorough history of your problem exactly as we would do in a clinic by asking you questions.


2. Following that, we will ask you to do a series of tests and movements this allows us to observe what you are doing and how you are doing it. These tests and movements are exactly the same as we use in a clinic room.

3. To be able to see all of the areas of your body we need to assess, we may ask you to move your device around and wear clothing that allows us to see the area of the body you are telling us about.

4. It is best to be in a room with little or no interruptions as it would be in a clinic environment and you will need enough space to sit, stand and lie down. 



What you need:


  • A phone, computer tablet or similar to video call from.

  • Space to lie, sit and stand.

  • Comfortable loose clothing


Preferably but not a necessity:


  • A portable chair e.g. a dining or desk chair

  • A blank piece of paper and a pen

  • A small amount of wall space

During the appointment we will also teach, demonstrate and show you the exercises. You will have a turn to try them and test them out in front of your device’s screen so we can watch and help you.


After the appointment you will receive a personalised exercise programme with pictures and or videos and access to us via email.


Your body is designed to heal itself. Online Physio lends itself perfectly to this as we help you to help your body do just that at Sportswise with expert advice and a tailor-made exercise prescription. We are also here for support whenever you need it.

How to book a video consultation

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment you can email us on or ring 01323 745970. A receptionist will be regularly checking for messages and will contact you back.

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