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Muscle Stimulation

In order for muscles to grow and become stronger they have to be put under increased load. For example, if you wanted the thigh muscle to grow bigger and stronger you would add weights to your foot to tell the brain to activate more muscle fibres. This is not a problem for healthy uninjured individuals, but may cause pain or more damage if the knee joint or ligaments are already weakened through injury. The Compex machine generates a similar electrical impulse to the brain and your muscles contract in reaction to it. Using the machine we can ‘trick’ the muscle into thinking that the brain has asked it to contract.

Please feel free to ask your physiotherapist how the Compex can be integrated into your treatment plan. Once started on a treatment plan, you can come in and use the Compex machine independently in our gym for a small fee.

The Compex can be used to:

  • Prevent muscle wasting or atrophy e.g. if your foot is immobilised in a boot for a few weeks you usually lose a great deal of muscle bulk and strength in your calf. Using the Compex can limit this loss so that you have a quicker return to full function once the boot is removed.

  • Build muscle bulk without risk of further damage shortly after sustaining an injury. It is difficult to gain or even just maintain your normal muscle bulk after an injury, and muscles can waste away quickly. The Compex allows you to simulate heavy weight training without risking further injury to joints and ligaments. This should shorten your rehabilitation time.

  • Target / activate specific muscles. The Compex allows you to apply the electrodes to the target area to activate the weak muscles during exercise.

  • Provide pain relief for muscles and joints.

  • Aid recovery after exercise. Some of the top sports teams worldwide are now using the Compex as a form of active recovery after exercise.

Ask your physio if Compex is right for you and, if so, the current hire / purchase price.

If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions please contact the administration team.
01323 745970 • E-Mail:

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