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Tape is one of the physiotherapists’ favourite and most versatile tools that can be used in many different ways.

There are a whole variety of different tapes but essentially two broad categories: Rigid tape – to restrict movement and support e.g. a sprained ankle or to support the plantar fascia.

Elastic strapping – (often call Kinesio tape), which provides dynamic support, protecting muscles and/or joints. Kinesio tape is the lovely coloured tape we see adorning athletes on TV.

Rigid tapes are often used to limit movement in ligament injuries, to inhibit overactive muscles when placed across them and to help with problems like the tracking of the knee cap in anterior knee pain.

Kinesio tape is used to facilitate muscle function, help with swelling (oedema) and provide postural feedback.

You may well end up with some form of tape on when you leave!

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