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Introducing a Sportswise partner

Caroline Marlow - Sports psychologist
Caroline Marlow

Caroline Marlow is a Chartered Practitioner Psychologist (Sport & Exercise) with over 25 years’ experience as university lecturer, researcher and consultant. Her career-long interest in injury and pain started after seeing how they negatively affected high performance athletes and realising how psychology could help promote recovery and protect mental wellbeing.

Caroline helps those who want to recover faster, who have pain that’s not going away, or whose injury or pain keeps returning. Also, those who ask, “Why am I not healing as expected?” “Why can't they find a physical cause?” “Why does my pain change, come and go, move around my body?”

She uses pain education and psychology: to help you understand the brain’s key role in injury, pain and recovery; to find the solutions that are right for you, and to support you through the needed changes. She can also work alongside the Sportswise team for co-ordinated support.

Caroline cares about making a difference for her clients. Her own experience of back pain means that she knows the frustrations and worries that injury and pain can bring. She’s a proud mum and enjoys being active on the Downs and living by the sea.

For more information and for Caroline's contact details, please see her company website.

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