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Patient news

We've had lots of patients taking part in events recently and we love to share their achievements.

Simon Gould receiving medal
Simon Gould

At the tail end of 2022 triathlete Simon Gould came to see Professor Nick Webborn as he was experiencing pain across his collar bone when swimming. With the Ironman 70.3 race in Israel fast approaching he needed to investigate the issue. After consultation, training advice and ultrasound guided injection into the sternoclavicular joint, Simon managed to not only take part in the event, but was first out of the water and third overall in his age group.

Trevor Egglestone weight-lifting
Trevor Egglestone

Trevor Egglestone started training in August 2020 with a personal trainer, having never been to a gym before. At 70 years young he saw himself as a late beginner, but was enjoying the strength and resistance training and its benefits of preserving muscle mass and bone density.

A year later Trevor found himself entering competitions run by the International Allround Weightlifting Association. In September 2022 he took the record for his age and weight class with a deadlift of 150kgs and has gone on to break more records since. Last month Trevor achieved the record for bicep curl and power row.Trevor believes weight training has many benefits aside from the obvious physical reward. There is a fabulous social side to the sport as well as mental health benefits. Getting older, getting stronger!

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