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Ultrasound Guided Injections

This refers to the technique of using an ultrasound machine to assist in making injections into soft tissue or joints, or alternatively to help with the aspiration of fluid from a joint, bursa or haematoma (collection of blood). Ultrasound is a pain-free and safe imaging method that allows the doctor to visualise the tissue and the needle, allowing accurate placement of the needle into the correct place.


Injections are not always performed under ultrasound when the area is easily palpated and these are termed ‘clinically guided injections’. Examples would include injections into the knee joint or the acromio-clavicular joint (end of the collar bone).  However, for other areas

Needle tip passing through ligament in caudal epidural

The use of ultrasound allows accurate placement of the needle which results in less discomfort for the patient, less chance of damage to other surrounding structures and a more satisfactory outcome.


Needle tip passing through ligament in caudal epidural


Please refer to our list of injection treatments to find out which procedures are carried out using ultrasound guidance.


Complete List of Injection Procedures.pdf

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